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There are lots of themes in the poem, ”Happiness” by Priscilla Leonard. One theme is that happiness is both hard and easy to achieve. Another example is that you should be thankful for what you have or how much you have. The next lesson found in this poem is that happiness comes in many different ways for many different people.

In stanza one the poem says happiness is, ”Broken in a million pieces, shattered, scattered far and near. Now and then along life’s pathway.” There are lots of happiness to be discovered along the pathway of life. It is also saying that there is no way that anyone would be able have more than a couple fragments of happiness at the time. As it says in the poem, “But there are so many pieces, No one ever finds them all” Leonard is also saying that even if it feels like there is no happiness left in your life, you are wrong because happiness is scattered along your journey of life and no one can every find all of the fragments to complete the perfect, crystal ball. The ball symbolizes perfect happiness or Utopia.

The poem states in stanza two, ”You might find a bit of beauty or honest share of wealth, While another just beside you, fathers honor, love, or wealth.” This explains that happiness is encountered in all different ways because you might get happiness from beauty and wealth while somebody gets happiness from honor, love, and health. Leonard is also saying that happiness is found in many different things in the world and at many different times and places. These are not the only ways of happiness. You can be happy from friends, family, having fun, or doing what you love.

Leonard says in stanza three, ”Yet the wise on their journey, treasure every fragment clear.” This text explains that the smart people in life cherish their happiness because they know they are lucky to have it. She also says in stanza…...

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