Growing Weed Resistance Problem Threatens U.S. Farms

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Growing Weed Resistance Problem Threatens U.S. Farms

Resistance of weeds to the herbicide glyphosate has grown over the past two decades, and this global problem has hit home. The U.S. has officially overtaken Australia as the #1 spot for herbicide-resistant weeds worldwide, according to Stephen Powles, director of the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative at the University of Western Australia. This dubious distinction is of concern because the U.S. has joined other world-leading grain-producing countries in experiencing weed resistance, potentially endangering crop yields amid a growing world population.

During the “Weed Resistance in the Americas” panel at the 2013 Farm Progress Show, Powles and other leading global experts shared weed management observations and expertise to help and support U.S. farmers:

Aaron Hager, associate professor of Weed Science, University of Illinois; Pedro J. Christoffoleti, head of the Department of Crop Science at the University of São Paulo in Brazil; and Harry Strek, head of Profiling and Market Support in the Weed Control Biology Research group at Bayer CropScience in Frankfurt, Germany.

The event followed a week-long weed resistance tour of the U.S. and Canada hosted by Bayer CropScience.

Moderator Arlene Cotie, product development manager with Bayer, said the panelists wanted to educate and urge growers to “take action” to protect their fields and yields. International weed resistance experts warned U.S. crop producers that herbicide-resistant weeds pose a significant threat to U.S. crop productivity and profitability. And, panelists agreed effective weed management requires diverse farming techniques.

“Bayer wants to be a global leader not only in chemical solutions, but also in stewardship and education,” said Dr. Harry Strek with Bayer CropScience. “We recognize that chemicals are often…...

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