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Group Plan 2 Rape
PSY: 556 Group Dynamics
Dr. Linda Holloway
September 15, 2015

Rust University Counseling Center has recently contacted my local agency requesting my assistance to establish a support group for the young ladies on their campus who are rape survivors. Rape or, more technically, sexual assault is a crime of violence done predominantly to women. While the legal and mental health definitions differ from state to state, rape refers to the crime of forcing a woman to engage in acts of sex against her will. This form of sexual assault includes any act involving oral, vaginal, anal or object penetration or contact for which the women has not given formal consent.
While many victims can (and do) overcome its effects, for some it is an emotional and physical injury that lasts for months or years leaving lifelong scars. Survivors can be helped to lessen the adverse impact that this most invasive of violent acts has on their lives through structured emotional support which guides and reaffirms her recovery and healing. Group counseling or therapy offers survivors just such structured support.
SSG, (Survivors Support Group) will be a structured, thematic psychotherapy group for the ladies of Rust University. Our aim is to provide a safe therapeutic environment where members may explore behaviors, feelings and attitudes, as they make life choices which enhance adjustment and recovery. The information contained within this group describes one type of therapeutic intervention shown to be an effective healing ingredient in a survivor's recovery process. To be sure, it is not the only necessary element of healing, but it can be quite supportive and instructional in restoring feelings of personal safety, in reestablishing trust and confidence in self and others, and in resolving emotional injury…...

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