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Reiteration of Goals and Objectives
My goal for the internship with The Trust Hospital was to come out of the internship with knowledge of the inner workings of managing work-life balance issues in the hospital. Prior to beginning the internship I was told that my responsibilities would include interviewing patients or representatives to obtain and record name, address, age, religion, persons to notify in case of emergency, attending physician, and individual or insurance company responsible for payment of bill.
For the first month or so of the internship, I felt that it was a much directed process. Daily I would arrive at The Trust Hospital and my tasks for the day would be emailed to me along with a detailed explanation of how to complete them. As I became more comfortable and aware of what tasks needed to be completed by the intern at TTH, the internship became much more self-start.
My ultimate goal was to develop an understanding of how to complete these responsibilities and learn as much about Human Resource practices in the process.
Quality of Instruction
The quality of instruction that I received during this internship is a priceless asset in my learning as a human resource management student. Since The Trust Hospital is a small company, there is not a Human Resource Management Department. These tasks are carried out by different personnel throughout the organization. Staffing needs are taken care of by upper management (Administrator), when a job becomes available the secretaries are told to put out advertising searching for personnel, and the head of the hiring department is responsible for doing initial interviews. The General Manager, Darius Kofi Osei makes all final decisions on the hiring process.
The training needs of employees are also decided upon by upper management. For example, if K.O Aduamoah (the Hospital Administrator) feels that the…...

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