Greasy Dollar Bills

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Rayne Blumenthal
English 101
19 October 2014
Greasy Dollar Bills One dollar can be exchanged for quite a bit in this country. A package of slightly-dried out play dough, a box of off-brand crayons, maybe even a flimsy pencil case for the first day of school. There are stores whose entire inventory is marketed for a single dollar. However, none of these these items are of long lasting quality. That play dough is not moldable, the crayons off colored and the pencil case will break at first sign of impact. Something that is poorly made will perform as such, and that is a universal truth. With fast food restaurants popping up on every corner featuring America’s favorite - the drive-thru - this concept is applicable the evolution taking place within culinary culture. Over the years, many consumers have chosen to stray from quality to pursue the convenience of fast food, resulting in the overtaking of family farms and substantial decline in overall value. All culinary manufacturing originated within the hearts of a family farm. For all intensive purposes, these plots of sod can be seen as the starting point of this potentially cyclical evolution, mentioned previously, of the fast food industry. Traditionally, seed was laid by farmers, watered by farmers, tended to and harvested by farmers and sold by the farmers. This process was originally done with their own hands or those of their offspring and it was viewed as a sense of honor. In fact, family farms were passed down the male family line and it was the most common source of income. Obviously, their techniques evolved over time to allow for greater efficiency. Tractors and vehicular seed-setters were invented and placed into circulation. However, much to these farmer’s dismay, the technological evolution did not cease. As major corporations recognized the profits to be made in mass production, they began…...

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