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Nicole Blair
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September 24, 2010
College Essay

My grandpa has made a huge impact on my life. He inspired me to become the best I can be if I put my mind to it. My grandpa once said, “In order for you to accomplish something you must try it first.” When I heard him say this, I felt I could do or be anything I wanted to be. Our relationship has grown stronger over the years. Due to our strong connection, I feel I can talk to him about anything. When I talk to him it feels like a therapy session. I feel the need to express my emotions and things going on my life.

I will never forget the time when my mother and I were having issues and different opinions that wasn’t worth arguing over. When my mother and I get into an argument, I go to my grandpa for comfort and advice. This one particular argument was something I couldn’t handle and was unable to progress with her in my presence. As a result of this type of situation, I called my grandpa and told him to come pick me up. Later on that night, my grandpa ask me what are all the good things my mother does for me. My mother goes out of her way to make sure I have what I need. Sometimes it might not be what I want, but I accept it and take it the way it is. When my grandpas ask 2 me this question he also said, “your mother is the only person in your life who will always love you. Some of the things she tells you are not to hurt you or to be judgmental but to help you and make you stronger.” After he told me this, I felt bad and decided to go home and apologize to my mother. I never thought of it in that way I was too focus on the things she said and didn’t take the time to realize the meaning of those words.

As a result of this experience, I decided to become a Psychotherapist. This is a type of therapist who helps people deal with mental, emotional, or…...

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