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CASE 1.8


Synopsis Eddie Antar opened his first retail consumer electronics store in 1969 near Coney Island in New
York City. By 1987, Antar's firm, Crazy Eddie, Inc., was a public company with annual sales exceeding $350 million. The rapid growth of the company's revenues and profits after it went public in 1984 caused Crazy Eddie's stock to be labeled as a "can't miss" investment by prominent Wall Street financial analysts. Unfortunately, the rags-to-riches story of Eddie Antar unraveled in the late 1980s following a hostile takeover of Crazy Eddie, Inc. After assuming control of the company, the new owners discovered a massive overstatement of inventory that wiped out the cumulative profits reported by the company since it went public in 1984. Subsequent investigations by various regulatory authorities, including the SEC, resulted in numerous civil lawsuits and criminal indictments being filed against Antar and his former associates.
Following the collapse of Crazy Eddie, Inc., in the late 1980s, regulatory authorities and the business press criticized the company's auditors for failing to discover that the company's financial statements had been grossly misstated. This case focuses on the accounting frauds perpetrated by Antar and his associates and the related auditing issues. Among the topics addressed by this case are the need for auditors to have a thorough understanding of their client's industry and the importance of auditors maintaining a high level of skepticism when dealing with a client whose management has an aggressive, growth-oriented philosophy. This case also clearly…...

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