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1.) You are developing a project that contains multiple SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages. The packages will be deployed to the SSIS catalog. One of the steps in each package accesses an FTP site to download sales transaction data. You create project parameters to store the username and password that are used to access the FTP site. You need to ensure that the username and password values are encrypted when they are deployed. What should you do?

A. set the Sensitive property of the parameters to True.
B. Set the ProtectionLevel property of the package to EncryptSensitiveWithUserKey.
C. Change the parameters to package parameters.
D. Change the project to the Legacy Deployment model.
Answer: A
2.) You develop a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package that imports SQL data into a data warehouse every night. The SQL data contains many misspellings and variations of abbreviations. To import the data, a developer used the Fuzzy Lookup transformation to choose the closest-matching string from a reference table of allowed values. The number of rows in the reference table is very large. If no acceptable match is found, the Fuzzy Lookup transformation passes a null value. The current setting for the Fuzzy Lookup similarity threshold is 0.50. Many values are incorrectly matched. You need to ensure that more accurate matches are made by the Fuzzy Lookup transformation without degrading performance. What should you do?

A. Change the Exhaustive property to True,
B. Change the similarity threshold to 0.55.
C. Change the similarity threshold to 0.40.
D. Increase the maximum number of matches per lookup.
Answer: B
3.) You install a SQL Server 2012 database engine instance on a production server. A month later, you install SQL Server 2012 Integration Services (SSIS). You must develop an
SSIS project and deploy it to the server by using the…...

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...A Deeper Look into the Soul of Young Goodman Brown Young Goodman Brown is a very well developed character for appearing in a short story making him a round and dynamic character. He is a young, white man living in Puritan times in Salem, North Carolina during the Salem Witch Trials. Although he falls from grace at the end of the story, Brown is a very religious man. He is very trusting of others, and he is very much in love with his young wife, Faith. As author Arthur E. Robinson points out, “Young Goodman Brown” is clearly ironic in its continued stress upon the protagonist’s title. Similarly the name Faith, given to Brown’s wife, is played upon in such statements as “Faith kept me back a while” and “My Faith is gone.” Nor is it coincidence that Brown and his wife are subjects of a common irony.” She is what keeps him held to his beliefs for so long through the woods. Throughout the story he is led to believe that the innocent and peaceful world around him is full of lies and deceit. The stranger in the woods leads him astray from the Christian roots of his family. It is said that the devil comes to people is many forms. In this case, he comes to Brown in the familiar form of his father. This misleading disguise made the words he spoke much easier to believe although Brown knew that the man he walked with was not his father. In the beginning, Brown believed strongly in the goodness of those in his community such as Goody Cloyse and Deacon Gookin until the “devil”......

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