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1. GAIN ATTENTION -Gain Attention must relate to the topic. -(WIIFM) What's In It For Me -State what they will learn by the end of this POI. “With knowledge gained from this period of instruction…” -Introduction “Good morning Marines, my name is Sgt Murphy and your next period will be on Sword Manual.” 2. OVERVIEW -(Purpose) State what they will be learning; your ELO’s. “The purpose of this period of instruction is to teach you the fundamentals of sword manual. I will do this by explaining the nomenclature of the NCO sword and also the NCO sword manual movements.” -(Conceptual Framework) State how it relates to other POIs. “This class directly relates to Drill.” Or “This class does not relate to any class that you have received up to this point.” 3. LEARNING OBJECTIVES -Read the TLO’s and ELO’s. “At this time, look down at your TLO’s and ELO’s and look back up at me when you’re finished.” 4. METHOD/MEDIA -Explain your method of teaching the class and the media that you will be using. “This class will be taught utilizing the informal lecture method and also by the demonstration method. I will be aided by my PowerPoint presentation and my assistant instructor.” -Explain the Instructional Rating Forms *Students with the IRF’s, at this time set them aside as you will be given ample time at the end of this period of instruction to fill them out.

5. EVALUATION -“You will be evaluated on a knowledge-based exam on TD-5 at 0800 in this classroom.” Or “You will not be evaluated on this POI.” 6. SAFETY/CEASE TRAINING -Point out potential hazards and explain safety measures that will be taken in the event of an emergency.

“There are no safety/cease training considerations as we’re in a classroom setting”

7. TRANSITION -At this point…...

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