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Religion has always been a fascinating subject to me. It captured my attention as a young boy growing up in a Christian community because of festivities such as ester, Christmas among other festivities. Growing up in Colombia, a country composed of a large Christian population and attending a catholic school I was ignorant to other religions and cultures. After all I was a catholic because that was how I was raised. After moving to Canada I was exposed to other cultures and forms of faith which expanded my knowledge and understanding of cultures and religions. As I started to mature and began the quest of becoming a young adult many questions about my faith began to linger in my head.
As my knowledge of the history of the Catholic Church and other religions expanded, I started to develop a negative image of organized religions. Mainly because I began to believe religion is used to manipulate people by influencing their social, political, and cultural beliefs of what is right or wrong. From the Catholic Church’s crusades to current extremist terrorism organized religion has caused more problems than it has solved. I believe the church and the state should be two separate entities and in countries like Iran mixing the two has only caused problems for this nation.
I find it extremely hard to have blind faith when it comes to super natural things. This ofcourse is one of the basic things religions ask for. I’m constantly trying to arrive to a “rational” conclusion when it comes to divine and religious questions and irrational teachings which many times contradict themselves with in a religion make me believe it is all a scam to make money and generate power for a few. However I believe there must be a higher force which created the universe. I’ve arrived to this conclusion because everything in this universe couldn’t have just appeared out of…...

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