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We are living in a global world for now. World is change, peoples are change everything is change. When the world is changed, peoples started to using different things. For example many peoples are using the plastics things. For example plastics bags , plastics bottle .. But there are many affects of to using plastics. One of this; plastics are polluting the ocean and second one is ruining the ocean lives and affecting the sea animals
First of all before Malaysia Flight 370 went missing, sea trash was not a global headliner. But after than sea trashes are really big problem in our world. This is because humans have realized the dangerous. After the crash, Australian cost as possible aircraft debris turn out to be discarded fishing equipment, cargo container parts or plastic shopping bags, a new narrative is emerging in the hunt for the missing plane. And scientist says: unfortunatelly, there is more garbage out there than you think. For example: we are using the plastic bags, bottles, bottle caps, kitchen utensils, all of this things contains plastics. And then some garbage firms or humans are throwing these plastic garbages in the nature or seas. But plastics are not disappear in the nature really quickly. This is a process. Moreover for this process needs over hundreds of year. That’s why we should the clean our sea and ocean. Maybe you have to do another things. Homework, study, something like that. But we are living this world. And we must protect this world
Secondly marine lives are affecting the plastics and garbage in the ocean. Especially sea turtles and California gray whales are consumers of plastics. But the plastics includes the toxic materials. And when the sea animals eating of this materials, they quickly die after. And we will see on Saturday at the local beach. Everyone can see the fish bites on the plastics. For instance, 3 weeks ago the…...

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