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Welcome to Hotel Zeig. We are so happy you have chosen to stay with us. We hope that you find everything enjoyable. Here are some things to think about to help make your stay more convenient and comfortable.
Please bring any favorite pillow or blanket, we have just enough to make your stay comfortable.
No need for a “Do not disturb” sign because there is no room service. You are responsible for picking up after yourself. (If you want clean sheets there is a laundry room free of charge).
Please bring all your own toiletries. Some will be here just in case you forget.
There are two bathrooms with showers for everyone to get ready.
Towels will be provided but don’t expect a fresh and clean one everyday unless you wash it yourself. So please hang it and remember which towels is yours…
Please don’t try to call and order breakfast to your room because that just isn’t happening.
Bloody Mary’s are appreciated and welcome at your own convenience. Meaning I will not provide.
Food and beverages will be allowed in the kitchen. Please help yourself but I suggest getting food that you like to eat especially for Breakfast and Lunch.
If you decide you have to Poop and you so happen to plug the toilet DO NOT call for a janitor because I won’t answer. There is a plunger that you better know how to use yourself. You better not leave a mess!!
If you so happen to drink too much over the course of the weekend and feel the need to get sick, in a place other than the bathroom toilet, sink or even the garbage and I wake up to a mess I will drag you out of bed and hose you down… Then you will clean it up yourself!!
There is no Pool unless you bring it yourself and as far as a work-out room, go run your lazy ass outside and get some fresh air. And if you’re feeling ambitious you can wake up with me and help clean at Carpathia.
Monday is checkout at no particular time but don’t…...

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