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Tanner Otto
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13 September 2013
Genre Awareness
To find out what characteristics define an action movie and whether or not they hold true for all action movies, I decided to do some research using the internet. After looking at multiple movie posters I noted the similar characteristics between them all. When confronted with the similarities I further analyzed the posters and tried to determine what the reasoning behind the similarities was. Finally, I deciphered the reason behind them and made a decision on whether or not certain characteristics are present in all action movies.
Action movies have been around since movies were first created. The visual effects and the actors have changed, but the feel is the same. When describing an action movie the average person thinks of guns, cars, explosions, violence and big action-star names such as Jason Statham. These are stereotypes of the action movie genre. These same stereotypical aspects, among others, are showcased in the posters. My aim for this report is to look at different movie posters of the same genre and look for common themes and elements between them and decipher the meanings and purpose.
To find examples of movie posters I began my research by using google to search for images of known action movies. The first search was for the Expendables 2 poster. When looking at the results I saw that one poster was more frequent than the others and had a movie release date. I then cross-checked that movie poster with trusted sites such as or These websites have credibility because they have expansive archives of movies and all submissions to the website are reviewed by professionals before being posted. The second poster I google searched was for the Avengers. With the Avengers I used the same process as the…...

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