Gathering and Evaluating Information

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Appendix I

Strategies for Gathering Information

Fill in the following information for each of your sources:

• List the APA reference citation for the source. • Determine the credibility of the source. Consider the following criteria:

o What is the purpose and affiliation of the organization or author related to the article? o What are the author’s credentials? o Is the information current? When was the information last updated? o Does the information cross-reference with other sources? o Does the source contain bias without evidence to support the claim?

• Explain in at least two to four sentences what information you can gather from this source.

|Source (formatted consistent with APA guidelines) |What makes the |What information can |
| |source credible or |you gather from this |
| |noncredible? |source? |
|Alvarez, B. (2013). As more schools embrace tablets, do textbooks have a fighting chance. Retrieved from |This author has |This article is about |
| |written information |a school district that|
| |that is credible. |switched from |
| |She has studied a |textbooks to iPads. It|

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