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xxx xxx When a novel is classified as an autobiography the novel is said to be a recall of a person’s life written by that person. It is also understood that the written work is based on fact not fiction, that the author will expose his or hers life in a truthful manner. Therefore, The Color of Water by James McBride to its full extent can be consider as an autobiography. On the other hand, The Autobiography of Malcolm X to an extent can’t be consider as an autobiography. The novel The Color of Water by James McBride allows the reader to learned the hardships of McBride himself had to suffer throughout his life. For example, “I was lost. My house was two blocks away… I stood on the corner and bit back my tears,” (McBride 9).This specific line is important because the character is full of fear and realizes that he is going to have to learn to walk home by himself without his mother. In addition McBride acknowledges the reader of his abominable life by “To further escape from painful reality, I created an imaginary world for myself. I believed my true self was a boy who lived in the mirror,” (McBride 69). Young McBride created this world in order to escape his real life which was all about hunger and suffering. The boy in the mirror represents the entire opposite life McBride wanted. That quotation “I kissed her and got on the bus quickly to hide my own tears…she hated Delaware and I had talked to her into staying there, now I was leaving,” (McBride 146). This moment is when McBride is departing to college it shows sadness because he is leaving his mother but it also shows a new phase on McBride life. Overall the novel is based upon the author life events full emotions which he exposes in a truthful manner.
On the other the hand, The Autobiography of Malcolm X the main idea of the novel is to bring to the surface the historic background of…...

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