From One Controlller to Another

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From One Controller to Another
Video games and computer games use a game controller as the input device that directs movements and actions of on-screen objects. Two commonly used game controllers are gamepads and motion-sensing game controllers (Joyce). Game controllers not only enrich the gaming experience but also aid in the movements and actions of players.
A gamepad is held by the player with both hands, allowing the player to control the movement or actions of the objects in the video or computer games. Players press buttons on the gamepad, often with their thumbs, to carry out actions. Some gamepads have swiveling sticks that also can trigger events during gameplay (Cortez 12-34). Some gamepads include wireless capabilities; others connect via a cable directly to the game console or a personal computer.
Motion-sensing game controllers allow the user to guide on-screen elements or trigger events by moving a handheld input device in predetermined directions through the air. These controllers communicate with a game console or personal computer via wired or wireless technology. A variety of games, from sports to simulations, use motion-sensing game controllers. Some of these controllers, such a baseball bats and golf clubs, are designed for only one specific kind of game: others are general purpose. A popular, general purpose, motion-sensing game controller is Nintendo’s Wii remote. Shaped like a television remote control and operated with one hand, the Wii Remote uses Bluetooth wireless technology to communicate with the Wii game console (Bloom 56-59).
Game controllers are used primarily to direct movement and actions of on-screen objects. Two popular types are gamepads and motion-sensing game controllers. Games become more enjoyable everyday with the use of new and exciting game controllers. What will be next? Works Cited
Bloom, June. The Gaming…...

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