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Hello Everyone,

I hope your Labor weekend was a pleasant one.

My family background has a lot culture history, which means there is a lot to talk about, but I will concentrate in sharing more of the work history from my father side. In that note I will like to share minimum information regarding my family cultural background. My grand grand parents are from Korea, they immigrated to Europe and make Spain their new home. Grandparents and father are from Madrid Spain, grandparents and mother and from Ecuador.

On the other hand, my father is the youngest of a family of 12 kids. He became an industrial engineer and end up working in underground mining. His job was very dangerous, long days of work and the responsibility was huge. But the paid was very high. The think he liked the most was the option to travel to other places in and outside the country. The job most of the time was tragic and sad for the families of the miners; people will end up dying for many reasons. This job has been one of the longest job he did.

My father salary was good when he started, then with time things change as the economy change, with the years the impact was mostly for newer people in the industry. Because of his position he had all the benefits working for the company. For example: if he wanted to invest stocks in the company, medical and insurance benefits. He was treated good most of the years he got to work for the company, the only think he mention about disliking in the company was the fact that he couldn’t have too much of a social life with people he was in charge at work. The work wasn’t like to work in a office and that you are able to have a more social life to know one another, when your working in a mining, the most important thing of the day is to get the work done and make sure about the security of the workers.

When my father started his job in mining he got his…...

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