Forbidden Tree

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Forbidden Tree
Callie Franklin

Forbidden Tree

As a child, bedtime was the best time of day. Mommy and daddy would look on the bookshelf and find the best exciting stories ever. The majority were old biblical stories that passes from generation to generation. Adam and Eve was the most popular story read to me quite often, a great story. An awesome story line that describes a relationship of betrayal between man, God, and the consequences of disobedience. Adam and Eve contains a countermyth with a countersymbol of the Garden (Janaro, Altshuler, 2011, pg. 47). This story is a great way to help understand whatever is asked of us to do from God or an authority figure, may be for our own good. And it can teach us how to make better choices in life.
In The Art of Being Human: The Humanities as a Technique for living, it states that many myth scholars believe that the archetype of the Golden Age had its origins in the biblical account of the Garden, the earthly paradise Adam and Eve called home until they were cast out for eating the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge (Janaro, Altshuler, 2011, pg. 47). Adam and Eve is a great story that every child should read about. In the beginning God created the heaven, earth, and man. God created Adam and then created Eve from one of Adam’s ribs. They both were in the Garden of Eden and had everything they wanted. But God told them they could eat from any tree they wanted, but not the tree in the middle of the garden. This particular tree was forbidden, PERIOD!!! Adam was to be in charge of the garden. But the sneaky little snake came and persuaded Eve to eat from the forbidden tree (DUN, DUN, DUUUUNNNNN). She did and had her husband Adam to eat as well and they became to know that they were naked and hid behind the tree. God was furious!! He punished the serpent, Adam, and Eve. Since Adam and Eve disobeyed…...

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