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Hour of Code Report

In a word document, provide the following:

Choose one activity (tutorial) that you worked on in class and…

1. Which one was it?

~ Flappy Code.

2. In a couple of paragraphs, outline what you created and what you learned.

~ I “created” a variation of the flappy bird game using Scratch blocks with tutorials helping me to finish certain aspects of the game. Like the real game I made the small flapping bird fly slightly higher with every click and check for collisions with the ground and pipes. I also created a Scoreboard with blocks which incremented at every time that the bird passed through a set of pipes unharmed. The game was also enjoyable in the sense that edits were allowed to be made after the tutorial was over which would help children in the aspect of exploration of coding concepts. They can now see the joy of code in these minigames and explore more intricate code in the future.

~ I learned that children can be easily invoked into a future in interest in computer programming just by displaying their current interests in forms which they find amusing.

3. This webpage will stay online indefinitely, what other tutorial that you would like to look into?

~ I personally have no interest in any other tutorial if any of them resemble the one that I completed today, however, I may be interested in perhaps creating a tutorial or recommending one to younger people.

Value: 3 marks added to the next…...

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...national curriculum at the same time. After looking at several different arcade games, I wanted to create a game like pacman due to the fact it is very simple to use and allows children to play the game without having a fear of being of not winning. According to (Pacxon, 2011), the most successful games are easily understandable and draw people in because they feel they can play without looking stupid. The principle of Pacman is similar in that it is a simple game which players want to try, and feel because it is so straightforward they have a realistic chance of winning. One game that was so successful was flappy bird; the game was really easy to play and also simple to understand. The app made it to the number one spot on the Ios App store hence showing that even simple game play can be successful. “interface is initially judged to be simple, as in the design of the Flappy Bird first interaction sequence, it is likely that those who have experienced this impression continue to believe that the game is in fact simple” CHFP, C.M.L. (2014) 6 Why games on a computer are better? The reason I will be developing my game for a computer platform is mainly for the fact that computers are available in every school in the country, so even if children don’t have access to a computer at home they will be able to access the game elsewhere e.g. school, library. It is cheaper to buy a personal computer than other platforms, computer prices have declined and you can now get......

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