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Cannon Hill Park is one of the premier parks in Berminham and has been awarded Green Flag status. With beautiful flowerbeds, lakes, pools and a wonderful collection of trees, its easy to see why. Theres plenty of opportunity for exercise at the parks tennis courts, bowling and putting greens and wildlife enthusiasts can follow the walkways and cycle routes longside the River Rea. The conservation area within the park includes a 5 acre woodland known as the RSPB Centenary Plantation. There is also a wildflower meadow, which is sown each year with cornfield annuals such as field poppy, cornflower and corn marigold, providing visitors to the Park with a spectacle which is very rare in the urban environment. Traditional forms of land management are used to enhance this beautiful area, less than 2 miles from the centre of Birmingham. The park is an ideal venue for families with childrens play areas and boats for hire on the lake in the summer. There are plenty of picnic areas and refreshments are available at the Garden Tea Rooms and the Midland Arts Centre. 佳能山公园(Cannon Hill Park)是伯明翰首要的公园之一,并已经被授予Green Flag status,而它美丽的花圃,湖,足球场和树木则证明了这个奖项。在这个公园,您有足够的机会来练习网球,保龄球和高尔夫球。 公园里的保护区有有着5英亩的森林土地被叫做RSPB Centenary Plantation。还有一个野生的草场,这里每年都长有罂粟,矢车菊和万寿菊,给游客一个与城市环境大不相同的景色。 这个公园是家庭带领孩子来玩的理想场所,夏季还有可以租赁的小船。在Garden Tea Rooms 和Midland Arts Centre还有足够的野餐地点。
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Cannon Hill Park is one of the premier parks in the city and has been awarded Green Flag status. With beautiful flowerbeds, lakes, pools and a wonderful collection of trees, it's easy to see why. There's plenty of opportunity for exercise at the park's tennis courts, bowling and putting greens and wildlife enthusiasts can follow the walkways and cycle routes alongside the River Rea.
The conservation area…...

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File it is very cheaper rates than traditional proposal and can also significantly so lower than all over IT expenses, at the same time that will for us very convenient and scalable charging models have to appears and that making that cloud even look more attractive. Convenience and continuous availability: The cloud service offers to public cloud service that are available whenever the end-user may be locate that he can access. This representation enables easily can access to information and helps the needs of users in different time zone or different place and geographic locations also that we can access, if we see side benefit, explain booms since it is very easier than ever to access we also view and modification shared documents and files. Increased storage capacity: The cloud computing can supports or accommodates and store huge more data if we compare to a personal computer this offers almost to store unlimited for storage capacity, it supports us don’t worries about running out of storages space & at the same time that we can store huge data. Backup and recovery: In this backup and recovering data is stored into cloud and not on physical device. And sometimes the clouds itself backup the data from the local computers. And it is flexible and easy in providing the backup and recovery services. Disadvantages of cloud computing: Slow speed: It takes longer duration while uploading and downloading of large data from the cloud. Security and privacy: If we talk......

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