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Field Project Assignment: 5 Stages
Stage 1 A. Choose one of the following options 1. Single in-depth interview(s) with one person preferably off campus, a non-student * Minimum total of 1 ½ -2 hours * Minimum interview session: 30 minutes 2. Interviews with two or more people but performed one-at-a-time * Minimum total of 2 hours * Minimum length of any portion of an interview: 30 minutes B. Choose your topic:
Career Related: Interview people currently working in the field you intend to enter following graduation. You could choose to interview an entry level person and one or two people who have had more experience. You might want to know techniques for breaking into the field, what the job would entail on a day to day basis, trends, challenges, typical career paths, etc.
Problem Solving: Talk to counselors on/off campus to identify ways to approach solving a personal dilemma or challenge (e.g., whether or not to go to grad' school, study abroad, change majors, start a business, quit drinking, smoking), or check with a social worker or city official who deal with real-life daily problems that require workable solutions.
Class Related: Tie in the interviews you conduct for this class with another class project. You will still need to do the post analysis to conform to the expectations for this class, but at least the time interviewing as part of gathering material for your research will be doubly productive. In the past, for example, students have looked at assessing the experiences of hearing impaired students on campus, differing management styles of supervisors, and what court appointed special advocates (CASA) do.
Personal Interest: Do you have a topic about which you're just interested in finding out more information? One student interviewed a friend in prison to find out what it was…...

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