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Name : fady youssef eshak
Age: 21
Gender: male
- I am proud today to write my personal statement toyou as I have a dream in my life. In this statement I will show more and more about myself and about all things I achieved. When I was young (age of 4) my mother has died. When I was young I relied on myself. I learned myself. I was one of the first students in my primary school. When I joined to prep school, my dreams and my ideas get started. After that I started to search for programs and microschoolarship to improve my skills and to help me to achieve the most important dream. I already applied for some programs which presented from the embassy of the United States.
- Such as access microschoolarship program which I passed and learned more and more from it. Also I applied for exchange culture programs and E.EERA program. All these programs which I applied for are very useful to me. After all these attempts, arranged my ideas again. I tried to take MARTIN LUTHER KING as my role model. I really love this Pearson because he achieves all his dreams and I want to achieve my dreams also. I helped myself. No one helped me when I was young. I can pass all difficulties which I face in my life. I am self motivated and ambitious. I don’t feel disappointed at all. I can come up with new ideas. I have innovation ideas. I am creative. Life is very nice. Then I joined to high school. My goals in this stage are to achieve my dreams. In my high school I take some certificate for my efforts in English and my efforts in my class. When I finished this stage, I joined to business information system (BIS) Helwan University. I passed first level. My GPA is 2.9 which mean (very good). This university is the first step of my dreams as I study business subjects which I want. Then I attended session about continuing education abroad. I attended these sessions in AMIDEAST in Egypt…...

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