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Personality Development
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Title: John Tucker Must Die 2006 1. If you were Kate and you had Katie’s Mom, how would you feel about your family’s lifestyle?

Well If I were in her situation, I would accept the fact that she is the only family I have. And I would not take advantage of the fact that she couldn’t focus her full attention to me. I will not let our situation ruin our life or my relationship with my mom because she’s the only ally I have.

I would also do the same thing that Katie did to her mom when she scolded her about her dating issues. I think it’s my responsibility to protect my Mom and I have the right to know who she was dating. But I still have my limits and I have to give her respect and privacy.

2. If you were to be John Tucker’s date, would you react the same thing like the three other girls? Why?

Honestly speaking, If I were in that kind of situation, I really wouldn’t mind. I will take our date as a pleasure of meeting him and asking me out. I’m not the kind of girl who’d be so kind of obsessed in a guy in our first meeting. Most especially if I know that guy is kind of so popular in school. I’ll be just glad that I was once his date. It’s always important to take precautions before you go out on a date.

You really have to know who the person is so that you’ll have a little background and that you’ll know how to treat him. But if the case is like this one, I’ll be slightly devastated at first ‘cause John Tucker is so cute and soooo hot but I have to get over it ‘cause he’s such a player and I don’t want to be a loser like those three other girls who took so much effort of having a revenge on him.

3. Describe the following characters’ personality.

a. John Tucker

We must admit that John Tucker is so freaking hot. He’s so good at playing basketball but he’s…...

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