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In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in
English 2: Writing in the Discipline

Mr. Aldrin Ablao
October 2015
Chapter 1
The Problem and Its Setting
Bailey (2001) once said that education is a process of learning and acquiring information. Thus, it is divided into two types: formal learning institutions such as schools and self-learning better known as experience. Moreover, education is essential to every student by bringing them in the future prepared. But as we all know, education is not limited only in institutions and poverty rises which greatly affect the financial stability of every family hindering their children to attain knowledge formally. Today, many choose to work while studying, juggling school responsibility and self-responsibility, they are called, “working students.” Studying, alone, is already a hard task and working is another thing. Putting these two in the context have effects to each other either positive or negative. Weng (2012) elaborated that schooling and work are extremely different but both can bring a successful path. Though, working students strive hard to finance their studies, they also helping their families not only themselves. Those who have parents with professional job have a fifty-five percent working life while those with struggling family have a 61% working life. There are students who are employed as call center agents, service crew, student assistants and the like. College life is full of challenges and being a working student doubles its weight. It is difficult for them to synchronize education and employment. Also it requires them…...

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