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What is the role of the expert witness in the trial and to what extent do such witnesses fulfil this role?

In understanding what expert witnesses do, one has to first establish the definition of an expert witness. An expert witness can be defined as “a person who can provide information and opinion from the body of knowledge that makes up their own expertise.” An example of an expert witness would be a psychologist. As a general rule laid by Lord Mansfield in Folkes v Chadd, “the opinion of scientific men upon proven facts may be given by men of science within their own science. In this essay, the term expert witness is going to be put under the microscope, divulging into the many aspects and rules of an expert witness and the opinion they give. A

In the Criminal Procedure Rule, it terms an expert witness a person who is required to give expert evidence for the purpose of criminal proceedings, including evidence that is to determine the fitness to plead or for the purpose of sentencing. For example one may call on a police officer that is experience in collision investigations may offer his expert opinion on how the accident transpired. There are also times when an expert witness is not required, where a judge or jury can form his or her own views and inferences without the help of an expert. Expert witnesses can be called to testify on a variety of issues, such as DNA analyses, engineering, architecture, handwriting, fingerprints, psychologists, pathologist, etc. “When knowledge of a technical subject matter might be helpful to a trier of fact, a person having special training or experience in that technical field, is permitted to state his or her opinion concerning those technical matters even though he or she was not present at the event.”

Expert witness will give an opinion of the facts that are presented in the relevant court case. It is known as…...

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