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Audioriver Business Plan
Audioriver Business Plan

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Executive Summary

Description of festival
Audioriver is an international three-day festival, which is one of the biggest in Poland. The main objective is to promote alternative music with an emphasis on the electronic music genre. So far was seven editions of the festival, in the last was attended by around 50 thousand people. Audioriver takes place in the city of Plock in Poland, on the beach by the river Vistula. In 2013, the festival will take place on 26-28 July.
Finance Required
Audioriver financial requirements are estimated at about 1 million pounds. The main areas of expenditure are: management, event running and promotion. Is estimated that the greatest amount of finance about 65%, absorb artist rates.
Financial Projection
Audioriver main income about 60% comes from sponsors such as, City host, The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Red Bull Music Academy, and other business. Moreover, another significant part of the budget comes from ticket sales, about 25%. In 2013 Audioriver…...

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