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Connecting With Students
While Maintaining Ethical
Ethical Boundaries
The ethical boundaries of the teacher-student relationship have received a lot of negative press over the last decade. Intimate relationships between students and their teachers have been propelled to the national fore front, and with it, increased suspicion when it comes to teachers’ relationships to their pupils.

What is Professionalism?
Being an educator is increasingly being viewed as a professional occupation. The relationship between the client (in this case the student and their parents) and the practitioner (the teacher or academic institute) is a professional one. Ethical boundaries need to be established in order to protect both parties from the potential
(or supposed) abuse of “power, control, and [or] influence” (Aultman).

Why Establishing Ethical Boundaries is Difficult
The problems with these boundaries in regards to teaching are twofold. First, they are not firmly established within the trade and are only recently beginning to be discussed at length.
Secondly, establishing a strict set of ethical codes seems contradictory to the teaching process. It fosters impersonal connections with students when research shows that this is exactly the opposite of what they need.

What are These “Ethical Boundaries”?
There is not a definitive source on what the ethical boundaries are in regards to the teacher student relationship, and the ethical guidelines of other professions do not seem totally applicable.
Teachers should familiarize themselves with the specific rules and regulations of their school and district. There is also a source that they can look to provide a wealth of information on the types of ethical issues that can arise.
In a study done by Lori Price Aultman (et al.,) many different teachers were interviewed to find out what kind of…...

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