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Ethics- Ethic is a science of morality. It tells us about what is good or bad and what is right or wrong?
The value System of good or bad and right or wrong is the base for smooth and satisfactory functioning of the society. Ethics are standard of conduct. To act in an ethical way is to confirm to accepted standards or moral behavior. It is true that all people like to behave ethically but when person have to make difficult choice between person interest and social interest the problem of ethics becomes dominant.
Marketing Managers have to face challenges of balancing the best interest of the consumers, organization and society and has to distinguish between what is ethical and what is unethical and act accordingly
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A company’s Managers play an important role in establishing its ethical tone. If Managers behave as if the only thing that matter is profit, employees are likely to act in a like manner. A company’s leaders are responsible for setting standards for what is and is not acceptable employee behavior.
Managers to play an active role in creating a working environment where employee are encouraged and rewarded for acting in an ethical manner.
Marketing Ethic Is an Area that deals with the moral Principles behind marketing. Ethics in Marketing applies to different spheres such as in product, pricing, placing, and promotion


* The World’s Third Largest auto manufacturing company. * Situated in United State with its Head Quarter at Detroit, Michigan. * About 209, 00 People are employed in the Company in Major Region

Ethical Dilemma

Basic elements of ethical decisions related to Individual’s cognitive structure-knowledge, values,…...

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