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Are you Persuaded?
Yes, persuaded to use the internet as a resource and totally agree with it needing to be cited just like text books need to be sited when used as a reference. The internet holds a world of information and is characterized by constant change, and getting data that is current, correct, and resourceful is becoming increasingly popular by using this source. It is this reality of continuous change that places the extreme demands for the information that is posted on the internet today.

Ethical or Unethical
The available use of information on the internet is becoming a big business and constantly evolving. Individuals or companies posting information for resource purposes to educate or inform the user is not unethical. Presenting the information as your own words or idea is unethical.
The main reason a lot of consumers turn to the internet is that they perceive it as a place where they can research information, build ideas, and compare information with their text books for added measure. The internet is a learning tool that is used with the text book to educate and inspire students. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to use the information found wisely and site all known and unknown resources properly.

Distant learners
Use of the internet can provide opportunities for distant learning. Students and teachers can network, study, and collaborate with others around the world. Teaching strategies can be shared through communication with other educators and may be integrated across the curriculum. The real significance of the internet is that it defines an instantly ubiquitous highway. There will be fascinating implications here for the way people work, for example, the internet makes an individual's geographical location less relevant (Lavin, pp.223), especially for distant learners.

Who should be held accountable?…...

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