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It was my first day of high in freshman year and first think you hear when you enter the door you hear teacher saying “Welcome back student” The teacher looked so happy to see us but some students looked like they haven’t sleep the all summer and some of them already started acting like its last of school. I mean first day of school wasn’t that but because you get to see all your throwback friend from middle school, but the bad thing about high school is all you hear is this rules from your old school that you went to. The most thing I hate about high school is you don’t get to see your friends that much or talk to them at lunch. So I started making change by looking for new friend and started focusing on school grade because middle school was easy to have A and Bs. When it was lunch time I looked everywhere to see if I could find some people I know or my friends but, they were nowhere to be find.
All I see is strange face that didn’t know but some of them look familiar from middle school I never talk to them. But when I wasn’t the only one who looked lost. They was another girl who I never see before, she was wearing dark legging with pink shirt pink and Nikes shoes. She looked like she thinking on where she should sit at lunch. But as I look at her she seems nice person to be friend with, so I went up to her and interrupt her thought and I asked her real quick “hey do you want to sit together? She looked at me like I was crazy, her face look like she was trying to make decision either she should say yes, but then she finally answered my question after 7second. “Sure she said, so we went to sit down but other students who looked like it wasn’t even there first day of school. “What is your name? She asked, “My name is lamama” I replied nicely with smile on my face. She looked at my like she knows me from somewhere. “I think I know you from somewhere” she said to…...

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