Equality for Women in the Workforce

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Equality for Women in the Workforce

The Daily Telegragh, a well-known Australian tabloid, published a twenty one photo gallery on the many hair styles of Julia Gillard on their website. There was no mention of her political prowess or the fact she was the most powerful women in Australia, the focus was squarely on her appearance (News Ltd, 2014). This is just one of the many obstacles women face when striving for equality in the workplace. This paper will explore the disadvantages women face in the workplace, including the gender pay gap, the under representation of women in senior leadership roles and sexual harassment. A plan to address these disadvantages will be outlined and justification of why it will work will be provided.

At the outbreak of world war one far fewer women than men participated in work, and they tended to be lower-paid domestic occupations, as the women’s main role was seen to be in the home. The withdrawal of approximately half a million men, most of who had been in the workforce, still did not result in their direct replacement with women. Women’s contribution to the workforce rose, but the increase was in traditional areas of women work, for example in the clothing and footwear industry. Unions were unwilling to let women join the workforce in greater numbers in traditional male roles as they feared it would lead to a lowering of wages (Adam-Smith, 1996). Since the early 1900’s the country has come a long way and developed at a rate faster than anyone expected, take for example technology, people are walking around with the computing power that put a man on the moon in their pocket, yet in 2014 there is still gender inequality in the workplace. Lack of pay equity and equal opportunities is an issue for every women in the Australian workforce, and sex inequality at work is so pervasive and persistent that it is taken for granted…...

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