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Sherlock Holmes, played by Benedict Cumberbatch
The modern-day Sherlock Holmes is "cold and clever". (However, astronomy is not useful in solving crimes, Sherlock is unaware that the sun revolved around the Earth). An outcast even as a child, Sherlock spends his time observing everything, analyzing it. He's driven by a desire to prove himself cleverer than everyone: the police and the criminals alike.
Holmes is well aware of his own weaknesses, describing himself as a "high-functioning psychopath." However, he cares nothing for the opinions of others, including his brother Mycroft.
Sherlock is skilled at computer hacking and information retrieval, and maintains his own web site. Sherlock is also a skilled hand-to-hand fighter.
As the world's only consulting detective, Sherlock's primary skill is his ability to analyze small clues and compile them into a complete profile of a crime scene. Although he doesn't abide by normal human standards of behavior, he's capable of applying his observations to analyze it. While Sherlock may not conceive of the idea of marriage or adultery, he can look at a woman's wedding ring, measure how it's been cleaned inside and outside of the band, and determine that the woman was having multiple affairs. (episode 1 season 1)

John Hamish Watson also called, Dr. John Watson, is a 37 old man. He is often complete different from Sherlock in both appearance and personality. Unlike Sherlock, John is short with blond hair. He is kind, caring, and 'human' compared to Sherlock's cold, calculating ways. He has served in Afghanistan as an army doctor, but he has also in some way been a soldier, since he has a limp and supports himself to stick. But that only lasts the first episodes, since he suddenly leaves the stick in a restaurant running after a taxi with Sherlock and at the end it's revealed that he wasn't shot in the leg but the shoulder,…...

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...Behaviorisme opgave 1: Klassiske betingninger er der massevis af i vores hverdag. Jeg har nogle eksempler jeg gerne vil komme med, taget ud fra min hverdag. Eksempelvis med hensyn til om morgenen. Vækkeuret på min telefon ringer, Argh ikke allerede nu tænker jeg i halvt søvne. Udsætter med 5-10 minutter. Dum ide, for jeg føler mig ikke just mere udhvilet på grund af de par minutter ekstra. Dette er en klassisk betingning for mig. Jeg reagerer ( R ) på at mit vækkeur på telefonen ringer, jeg bliver påvirket af det, og udsætter derefter vækkeuret. Mine ydre og indre sanser bliver påvirket ( S ) . Dette er blevet en indgroet vane (desværre). For den gavner mig ikke just. Endnu en klassisk betingning kunne være angående vores kat. Min kæreste og jeg bor sammen, og vi har som sagt en lille kat. Vi syntes at eftersom hun er en indekat, så skal hun alligevel have lov til at komme ud engang i mellem og dufte til den friske natur. Så vi har en snor til hende, og hver gang en af os finder den frem, så er hun straks ved døren, hun ved udmærket godt hvad der skal til at ske. Lige lidt ”viften” med snoren, det er nok til at hun kommer løbende med det samme hun hører os ser snoren. Den lyd snoren giver fra sig og synet af den, er blevet en klassisk betingning for hende. Hun reagerer ved lyden, forbinder den lyd med noget godt der skal til at ske, og hun får påvirket hendes ydre og indre sanser. En klassisk betingning for mig, kan også være i forbindelse med en gyser/horror film. En......

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...New narcissism – assignment B Essay based on "A simple exchange of niceties" a short story by Joanne Fedler "Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake." - Wallace Stevens. This quotation is what the whole short story is about. The main character let her choices of life depends on the park and her bench. The short story "A simple exchange of niceties" of Wallace Steves is written in 2007. The short story is about a young woman who by accident gets pregnant, without any intention of keeping the baby. But this decision changes when she suddenly one day gets interrupt in her thoughts at "her bench" by a woman. They get into conversation and our narrator quickly learns that this woman is sterile. Instead of abortion, an idea starts to build inside her. Instead of removing to baby, she plans to give it to the woman who clearly is breathing for a child. After she gave birth to the baby she visits the park to look for the woman. But she is nowhere to be found. And it ends up being her destiny to be a mother. The girl who tells the story is a first-person narrator. She is suffering from low self-esteem, she even thinks of herself as the unwanted child, "the bad news". She is sure that her mother "would have exchanged me for a week's holiday at a three-star resort". She seems very shy and a bit touchy, and because of that, she ends up snarl, and outwardly seems rude and impolite to strangers. And by the same reason she does not have so many close relations. The......

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...2.k spring 2016. When Less Is More. Hemingway and Beyond ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Ernest Hemingway. "Cat in the Rain" (1925) Homework: Read the story. While reading, please note down at least three points of wonder. Pinpoint the exact sentence that puzzles you and phrase a question. Task 1: Individually Summary and composition: 1. Divide the text into sections and give each a headline. 2. Now write down 5-10 keywords that will allow you to give an oral summary of the short story. Task 2/pre-reading: In groups The importance of the first paragraph Looking only at the first paragraph of the short story, please answer the questions below: 1. Describe the setting (sum up, don't just repeat what it says in the text) 2. What do we get to know about the difference between American couple and the Italians in the first paragraph of the short story? 3. What does the setting tell about the mood of the short story? And provided that the setting is used as a mirror of the characters' state of mind, what can we infer about the characters' emotional state? Task 3: In groups Points of wonder * Discuss the points of wonder that you have identified while reading the short story. Take turns to present your points of wonder. * Choose one point of wonder...

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... Indholdsfortegnelse Engelsk Grammatik 3 Bindeord engelsk 3 Biord engelsk 4 Ejefald engelsk 5 Bestemt artikel og ubestemt artikel engelsk 7 Dato på engelsk 8 Forholdsord engelsk 10 Forkortelser på engelsk 11 Navneord engelsk 13 Ordstilling engelsk 15 Omvendt ordstilling engelsk 15 Ligefrem ordstilling engelsk 16 Stedord engelsk 18 Henførende stedord engelsk 20 Spørgende stedord engelsk 21 Tillægsord engelsk 22 Udsagnsord engelsk 24 Uregelmæssige udsagnsord engelsk 27 Mådeudsagnsord engelsk 29 Førnutid engelsk 30 Engelsk grammatik øvelser 31 Udvidet tid engelsk 32 Datid engelsk 33 Førdatid engelsk 34 Fremtid engelsk 35 Tegnsætning engelsk 36 Komma på engelsk 38 2 / 31 Engelsk Grammatik Bliv bedre til engelsk grammatik og scor højere karakterer i engelsk med vores guide! Der er mange ting at være opmærksom på i skriftlig engelsk. Stavning er én ting, men særligt opmærksom skal man være, når det gælder engelsk grammatik. Hvordan bøjer man fx uregelmæssige verber, og hvad er forskellen på artiklerne ’a’ og ’an’? Denne guide til engelsk grammatik giver dig en oversigt over de vigtigste grammatikregler, så du på en let og overskuelig måde får hjælp til at skrive en grammatisk korrekt engelsk tekst. Guiden fokuserer på de områder inden for engelsk grammatik, som danske skoleelever har størst problemer med. Kom...

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