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Embedded Systems

Software Quality and
Testing in Embedded

Software Quality and Testing in Embedded

Embedded system
• Embedded system is a computer system with a dedicated function within a larger mechanical or electrical system
• Often ES are Real time Systems
• Embedded Systems are generally
– Small size
– Low Power and Price
– Rugged OS

Embedded system …
• Embedded systems are often based on microcontrollers • Embedded systems are used in various portable devices
• Embedded systems are used in transportation, fire safety, safety and security, medical applications and life critical systems
• A new class of wireless embedded devices called motes are networked wireless sensors.

Wireless sensor network (WSN)
• A wireless sensor network (WSN) is an example of a complete embedded system
– Various ES work in a distributed network
– Communicate wirelessly
– Contains independent sensors etc.


Embedded System : Node
• WSN is composed of various nodes
• Resource Constraints
• Network Topology and Routing

Embedded Systems
• Specifications

• Implementation

Model Checking in
Embedded System

Apply Properties

Yes OR No
If No....... Why No?

Where Modeling
Techniques can be used in
Embedded Systems?
Specification Stage
– Give a description of the system to be developed, at whatever level(s) of detail desired
– Used to guide further development activities
– Used to verify that the requirements for the system being developed have been completely and accurately specified

• Development
– Once a formal specification has been produced, the specification may be used as a guide while the concrete system is developed during the design process (realized typically in…...

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