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Compare & Contrast Two Marketing Strategies

Montgomery Ward or 128 years. In the year of 1872, Aaron Montgomery salesman. He invented the general products mail-order catalog. In the , Mr. Ward’s catalog was 240 pages long. And in 1919, Montgomery Ward . Montgomery Ward was established to meet the desires of the rural communities.
Robert Wood was directly under the Chief Executive Officer for Montgomery Ward, Terican business. Mr. Wood foresaw a future in the r significance of Ward’s name, Mr. Wood thought it seemed potential to transform Amcommonsensical to establish stores in the large cities andding them. Mr. Mereles rejected the pood decided to take his idea to Sears Roebuck.
During the Depression in 1931, n and put aside cash savings. Within three years, Mr. Avery turne of loss into $9 million profit.
In the meantimn from your competition, examine yourself to see what are your weak spots, and see if you can't discover new ways in your line to make sales and profits.”(Trumbore).After World War II, Mr. Avery was sure of a resulting dep, Mr. Avery decided to save, nher store for a solid fourteen years. As a mmpany that once had revenues that were 80% of Sears’s, were reduced to 29O attempted to implement an expansion program, but to no avail. In 1997 Montgomery Ward was unable to recover and declared Chapter 11.
Wh when creating the flyers and accessing what direction to go. So, far my marketing strategy has been successful. Montgomery Ward, on the otherhand, did not research the competition nor take the risk that needed to be taken until it was too late. WORKS CITED

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Trumbore, B. (n.d.). Montgomery ward, part 2. Retrieved from…...

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...LGA ENTERTAINMENT | 12345 Paseo Claussen avePhoenix, AZ 85032Phone (623) 555-0190Fax (623) 555-0191 | Press Release Contact: Mario de la GalaPhone: (623) 555-0190 | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE9 A.M. WDT, September 10, 2012 | LGA ENTErTaINMENT PHOENIX, AZ, September 10, 2012: LGA Entertainment announced the resignation of Alberto Lizarraga, Chief Financial Officer of LGA Entertainment effective September 07th of the current year in order to pursue other career opportunities. Lizarraga's departure does not result from any disagreement with LGA Entertainment on any matter relating to LGA Entertainment's operations, policies or practices. LGA Entertainment’s CEO said: “On behalf of everyone at LGA Entertainment, I thank Alberto for his contributions during his tenure as CFO during which LGA Entertainment has grown to another level. We wish Alberto well in all of his future endeavors”. Mr. Lizarraga was elected by the board of directors as LGA’s Chief Financial Officer, effective September 01, 2000. Mr Lizarraga is a financial executive with over 20 years of experience and proven record of success. He came into the company shortly after receiving his MBA from University of Phoenix. Alberto has contributed to the financial success of the company for 12 years. The appointment of the new Chief Financial Officer at LGA Entertainment is a matter for the board of directors. Before Lizarraga’s replacement is selected, the boards of directors need to have meetings to approve the......

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