Effects of Stimuli Upon Stress.

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Background information:
B.L Frederickson (2000) first theorised a strategy for stress management, stating that “people might improve their psychological well-being… [through] cultivating experiences of positive emotions at opportune moments to cope with negative emotion”. This was developed by Folkman (1997) and W. Knight (2001), similarly claiming that the experience of positive stimuli may help to reduce chronic stress. However, Knight and Schriffin and Nelson (2008) both proposed that in the presence of positive stimuli, heart rates lower while happiness levels rise, resulting in overall decreased stress levels. Subsequently, this investigation intends to explore the effect of positive stimuli upon happiness and stress levels within participants, measured through the Oxford Happiness Index.
To investigate the relationship between heart rate and happiness levels, measured through the Oxford Happiness Index scores.
Research Design:
Method of Data Collection:
Subjective quantitative (OHI) and objective quantitative (HR).
Physical arousal and psychological state before and after exposure to stimuli.
OHI scores and heart rate.
As heart rate decreases, the OHI will increase after exposure to stimuli.
Data analysis:
Measures of the OHI were taken through pre and post exposures to the calming stimuli to establish a base-line of measurement. The mean, median and standard deviations of the data were recorded, tabulated and graphed, shown through Figure 1 and 2. A higher standard deviation results in a more varied distribution of OHI scores in response to the positive stimuli, while a higher mean presents a higher level of happiness. If a high mean occurs, stress levels are said to decrease, supporting the hypothesis. Similarly, a high standard deviation reflects a high level of spread amongst the data,…...

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