Effectiveness of Our System of Government

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Gallerie Quezada
April 29, 2015
Mr. Pimentel
Effectiveness of our system of Government

Some say the U.S government system is not effective, but I beg to differ. From my perspective, our government is one of the most effective worldwide, for example our government guarantees: civil rights, social programs, and our stable economy. A very important function the U.S government provides us with is our civil rights. Jonathan Smith of the constitution law review states “ The U.S guarantees that all citizens of the United States regardless of sex, race, or, religion have the same equal rights under the law.” Wherever you come from in America all citizens have the same equal right. Our civil rights protect personal liberty, guarantees us our equal access to public services, and It also ensures us the right to vote. Voting gives us the opportunity to be heard in our government our freedom of speech which is part of the 1st amendment gives us the right to say whatever is on our mind without being punished. Our civil rights have created Americas government system stable and powerful. Besides this the U.S government is also stable in social programs for citizens. Not only does the government provide us with our civil rights, but it also provides us with social programs. Social Programs include: welfare, housing ( section 8), health care, and federal deposit insurance. Stated by David Broder from the Ashes of The New Deal “ In the united states has developed a variety of social programs that meet the needs of our citizens, students, the unemployed, the homeless and those considered beneath the poverty line.” Many civilians don't have the money to to fund their family or are not able to buy food. The government provides people with welfare who are in need of money to fund their family. Welfare is the financial support given to people in need and the government…...

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