Effective Teaching

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September 11, 2013
Effective Teaching
Education is something that constantly has to change with the changing world. Change is an evolutionary process. “We cannot continue to educate our children for factory work but educate for creativity.” (Hetland 66) With this change comes new forms of learning. Students today are technophiles. They love their video games and they can’t put down their smart phones, iPods, and social networks. The challenge for working in the electronic age is that we have so much access to information but we still have the same brain we always had. The problem is not access to information. It is integrating that information and making sense out of it. Students must learn to use knowledge to achieve a goal. In order to learn the knowledge we need effective teachers.
James Loewen in “Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong” talks about his educational views thru experience. Loewen states that “textbooks are boring.” (Loewen 386) Did anybody like textbooks as a child? He talks how the textbooks are huge and weigh at an average of four and a half pounds. Children do not want to even think about reading a book so big. Another point that Loewen states is “That students and teachers fall back on one main idea: to memorize the teams for the test following each chapter, then forget them to clear the synapses for the next chapter. Students exit history textbooks without having developed the ability to think coherently about social life.” (388) Children need to understand that history in not just historical facts but rather, a set of lenses for interpreting multiple and complex causes and effects to explain past and present conditions. Learning from these texts, so essential to success, requires not only basic reading skills, but also higher-order reading…...

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Note: This should include a numeric rating for each section of......

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