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In order to find these 10 items, search in the Student Readiness Orientation (SRO) or WLDN 1000. Type your response under each question and then submit this document to your Instructor by following the guidelines in the WLDN 1000 Week 1 Application. Each question is worth 12 points.

1. Find the Week 4 Resources for WLDN 1000 and open the document titled What is a Rubric (and Why Should I Use One?). Copy and paste the first paragraph of the Word document here.

• Rubrics can help students organize their efforts to meet the requirements of an assignment, and you can use them to explain evaluations to students. Rubrics can help ensure consistent and impartial grading.

• One reason why I should use rubric is because it keep me on track of what my assignment is require how it should be done so I can get my full point on the assignment.

2. Describe one feature of your Technology Contingency Plan. (Hint: This is in Module 2 of the SRO.)

• IT contingency planning includes general support systems and information technology contingency plans (ITCPs) for major applications and support systems.

3. After you click Discussion under Week 2 in the WLDN 1000 left navigation, where do you click next to access the Discussion Forum?

• After you click on Discussion under Week 2 in the WLDN 1000 left navigation, the next thing to do is to read the direction of the assignment then you click on Post to Discussion.

4. Once you enter the Discussion Forum, what do you click to display the Discussion prompt and to post to the Discussion thread?

• First you will go under the week you want to post your assignment under. After that you click on post to discussion, then you will go to the Discussion Forum; click on the link…...

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