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COMMITTEE: The Economic and Social Council

QUESTION OF: Measures to promote transparency and eradicate systemic governmental corruption.
CO SUBMITTERS: Brazil, Moldova, Turkey, Guatemala, Malawi, Namibia, Peru

Recognising the fact that the top ranked nation in The Corruption Perceptions Index by Transparency International has a score of 91, meaning it is not completely corruption free,
Reminding the house that corruption is a leading cause of economic income inequality,
Approving the efforts of Transparency International in promoting anti-corruption and transparency in countries around the world,

THE Economic and Social Council,

Requests the formation of a United Nations (UN) mandated organisation named The United Nations Anti-Corruption Council (UNACC) with the powers of investigating their relevant areas of specialisation, compiling reports, with which the below mentioned International Court of Corruption Trial (ICCT) will make judgements on corruption charges, with the following aspects:
A body of subcommittees such as but not limited to:
The Subcommittee on Business Corruption and Bribery (UNBCB),
The Subcommittee on Political Corruption and bribery (UNPCB),
A court called the ICCT, which will serve anterior to the ICC and will hold trials on the charges brought forward by the relevant subcommittees,
The ICCT will have the powers to:
Convict people who have been charged with corruption,
Refer trials to the ICC if they have been deemed to be more relevant to the ICC by the UNACC,

Calls For independent audits and enquiries on the implementation of government budgets upon approval from government commissions to make sure sovereignty is maintained while improving transparency on a nation’s finances and its political integrity which will serve as a basis for corruption claims,

Strongly Requests all member…...

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