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Background on Methods
The majority of the literature referenced here on poverty-related issues is the primary research data sets. Included are studies and findings that surface through research of literature on specific reviews of the specified issues. The assessment of the methods of analysis used in the referenced research was rooted in peer reviews, frequency of citations, and perceived quality. For the purposes of this summary, the methods were not re-analyzed or tested. The research addressed here is focused on findings within the context of the United States.
The analysis of the causes of poverty as well as research on issues that impact income, earnings and poverty can be considered determinants of poverty. The issue of employment and life experiences that put people at risk of not working or not working enough to prevent entry into poverty is strength of the economy and quality of wages. Introduction

The scale and conditions of poverty make it one of the most pressing social issues facing the nation. According to the 2007 Population Report prepared by the US Census Bureau, over 36 million people in the United States are living in poverty and 54 million are at severe risk of falling into poverty.1 “The annual rate of entry into poverty for the total population of the United States has been estimated at roughly three percent per year”.2
Poverty will touch the majority of Americans at some point during adulthood. It is estimated that, on average, 60 percent of 20 year olds in America will experience poverty at some point during their adult years and about half of adults will experience poverty by the time they are age 65.
Poverty is not static. It represents the status of families moving into and out of poverty at different points in time. Almost half of the spells of poverty are quite short: nearly 45 percent end within 1 year, 70 percent are over…...

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