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Purchasing Groceries

The simple act of purchasing groceries is in fact not as simple as it may seem. A walk down the aisle of any grocery store reveals that we have products that come from all over the world. The prices we pay come from a variety of factors, from our trade agreements with foreign nations, whether the products we seek can be obtained locally, and the ultimate factor: price. If the government raises taxes on food items, and the income of a household is too low, then families might forego buying anything other than necessities, and shop for the lowest prices.
As food is a primary need, many businesses find themselves merging to compete with such powerhouses as WalMart and Costco. Traditional supermarkets find themselves struggling as these chains take lower profit margins on groceries because food drives people into their locations. An example of this is the merging of Albertson’s and Safeway. They combined so that their purchasing power would allow them to better compete against the larger competitors. Keeping their prices lower allows them to have more business flowing through their stores.
Massive Layoff of Employees
Massive layoffs of employees is a consequence of recessions. As the workforce decreases as does income, demand for goods also decreases. The loss of buying power causes households to stop purchasing luxury items, and focus on necessities. Businesses in turn have less employees for production, and loss of revenue from this action. They may hold back on money spent on research and development, or improving facilities or upgrading equipment because of a decrease in funds to do so. The government winds up paying out unemployment, and is also not immune to layoffs during a recession. Massive layoffs cause a drop in the GDP, and this is the primary measure of the nation’s economy. As businesses begin to feel the effects of the layoffs,…...

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...Introduction Forecasting is a difficult task, no matter if it involves a weather forecast or forecasting the potential of a local small business all the way up to large international corporations. Forecasting, on the basis of an inventory, is formed by statistical data of previous months, years and seasons. Patterns will emerge, allowing a company to be able to determine how to handle on hand inventories which will allow them to keep overhead costs low while still allowing customers maximum access to goods and products. Predicting future needs on the basis of history should give a company a good foundation, but at the end of the day, depending on the industry, it would be counterproductive to solely base judgement on the past. Market fluctuations, change in the value of the dollar and the desires of the consumers may be impossible to judge yet directly affect inventories and profits. Rite Aid has over 4,700 retail pharmacies throughout the country. To simplify the inventory data, a chart has been constructed to indicate the average inventory value of a pharmacy over the course of an entire year. Year 2012 2011 2010 2009 Inventory $3,138.455 $3,158,145 $3,164,239 $3,184,531 The dollar amounts listed for each year represent the average amount, in dollars, of inventory kept at each of the approximately 4,700 stores. Having stated this fact, it is important to recognize that with all statistical data, it must be noted that some stores will have......

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...Forecasting Methods Genius forecasting - This method is based on a combination of intuition, insight, and luck. Psychics and crystal ball readers are the most extreme case of genius forecasting. Their forecasts are based exclusively on intuition. Science fiction writers have sometimes described new technologies with uncanny accuracy. There are many examples where men and women have been remarkable successful at predicting the future. There are also many examples of wrong forecasts. The weakness in genius forecasting is that its impossible to recognize a good forecast until the forecast has come to pass. Some psychic individuals are capable of producing consistently accurate forecasts. Mainstream science generally ignores this fact because the implications are simply to difficult to accept. Our current understanding of reality is not adequate to explain this phenomena. Trend extrapolation - These methods examine trends and cycles in historical data, and then use mathematical techniques to extrapolate to the future. The assumption of all these techniques is that the forces responsible for creating the past, will continue to operate in the future. This is often a valid assumption when forecasting short term horizons, but it falls short when creating medium and long term forecasts. The further out we attempt to forecast, the less certain we become of the forecast. The stability of the environment is the key factor in determining whether trend extrapolation is an appropriate......

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...Reflection-Economic Forecasting Paper ECO/372 November 26, 2012 University of Phoenix Week 2 Reflection-Economic Forecasting Viewing the economic standing of America may not be easy to comprehend, with all the economic terms and statistics. To assist with the economic terminology, and view what production/income, prices, and cyclical indicators are in the United States, an Internet website called AmosWEB Encyclonomic WEB*Pedia can retrieve resourceful information. This site has great information for a consumer to become familiar with economic terminology and economic standing. Some of this information on the site indicates the “Real GDP as of third quarter 2012, $15,775.7 billion (Annual Rate) Source: BEA, up 2.0% 1st Est. revised up from 1.3%. Unemployment as of October 2012 is 7.9% up from last month. This information was obtained from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The consumer Price Index W, as of August 2012 is 227.056.” A person can even view what the prime rate is for American loans which are 3.25%. AmosWeb pulls information from other sites and make it easier for consumers to view these numbers in one location instead of viewing different consumer sites. The U.S. Department of Commerce contains the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and this bureau maintains the website This website contains all of the BEA’s published information, including news releases and a comprehensive array of......

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...TOPIC 1. FUNDAMENTALS OF ECONOMIC FORECASTING TOPIC I TOPIC I. FUNDAMENTALS OF ECONOMIC FORECASTING   Contents 1. Meaning of forecasting 2. Features, importance and limitations of forecasting 3. Forecast types   1. Meaning of forecasting Forecast is a likely, scientifically well-grounded opinion about the possible state of the events, objects or processes in the future. Forecasting is a process of making statements about events whose actual outcomes (typically) have not yet been observed. Forecasting is a process of predicting or estimating the future based on past and present data. Economic Forecasting is a process of making forecasts based on analysis of past trends and regularities of the economic processes. Economic forecasts can be carried out at a high level of aggregation – for example for GDP, inflation, unemployment or the fiscal deficit – or at a more disaggregated level, for specific sectors of the economy or even specific companies. Economic forecasting provides information about the potential future events and their consequences for the organization. It may not reduce the complications and uncertainty of the future. However, it increases the confidence of the management to make important decisions.   Economic forecasting includes the following steps: 1. Identifying items to be forecast. The items of socio-economic forecasting are the economic processes (for example, inflation, demand, supply), any indicator describing the company activity (for......

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...Reflection – Economic Forecasting Paper Sharon Hooper, Tierra Lias, Kecia Neely, Ayanna Payne, Stanley Shaw, Nathaniel Zellner ECO 372 February 19, 2014 Cynthia Cooksey Weekly Reflection – Economic Forecasting Paper Understanding the history as well as the social well-being of the world throughout the World War II era has immense importance due to the great depression faced in the United States and other countries that started just a decade before. The resource NBER Macrohistory Database would be an excellent choice to examine the economic state of some countries during and after one of the most significant wars in history. The site covers a variety of data records including business cycles, job creation, job data, and the status of import dealings, segregation, and even children’s health. The study of the causes and effects of the war are truly remarkable. A majority of the statistics were dealt with on a quantitative level with facts and little decisions of personal opinions about the war. This resource is a great source of study for the plethora of data about the world at war. The concepts pertaining to the benefits of the trade are very understandable, yet seem to be extremely selfish and somewhat cutthroat altogether. At the end of the day, it is all about supply and demand, which makes it smart business. Quantitative research provides information about the future based on past trends. The Bureau of Economic Analysis generates various closely inspected......

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...FORECASTING FUNDAMENTALS Forecast: A prediction, projection, or estimate of some future activity, event, or occurrence. Types of Forecasts * Economic forecasts * Predict a variety of economic indicators, like money supply, inflation rates, interest rates, etc. * Technological forecasts * Predict rates of technological progress and innovation. * Demand forecasts * Predict the future demand for a company’s products or services. Since virtually all the operations management decisions (in both the strategic category and the tactical category) require as input a good estimate of future demand, this is the type of forecasting that is emphasized in our textbook and in this course. TYPES OF FORECASTING METHODS Qualitative methods: These types of forecasting methods are based on judgments, opinions, intuition, emotions, or personal experiences and are subjective in nature. They do not rely on any rigorous mathematical computations. Quantitative methods: These types of forecasting methods are based on mathematical (quantitative) models, and are objective in nature. They rely heavily on mathematical computations. QUALITATIVE FORECASTING METHODS Qualitative Methods ...

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...Economic Forecasting ECO 372 Learning Team Date Due Instructor Economic Forecasting Introduction Economic forecasting is an important aspect of the financial world; it helps people understand how things may be in the future based on current and historic data. Many different databases are available for finding historical economic data and forecasting economic data. Topics from this week are helpful when developing an understanding of the data can help with improving the economic future of our government and organizations. This reflection will help us locate the resources available for finding economic data. Historical Data Resource The BEA (Bureau of Economic Analysis) yields independent budget analysis and economic issues to support congressional budget processes and conducts impartial objectives on the analysis. This would be a valuable source because it contains a large amount of information in one location. There are several divisions that collaborate to complete an accurate economic forecast which include. These divisions include national, international, regional, industry, and integrate accounts, all of which include national income and product accounts, and the gross domestic product to name a couple (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis 2013). Current Data Resource A possible resource for current information can include the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED). FRED is an online database that includes economic data from several different srouces. FRED......

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...4/13/2015 Forecasting ­ Research Papers ­ Hapikampr Login Join The Research Paper Factory Join Search Browse Saved Papers Search over 100,000 Essays Home Page  »  Business and Management Forecasting In: Business and Management Forecasting Forecasting HSM/260 University of Phoenix 06/20/2013 Exercise 9.1 The following data represent total personnel expenses for the Palmdale Human Service Agency for past four fiscal years: 20X1 $5,250,000 20X2 $5,500,000 20X3 $6,000,000 20X4 $6,750,000 Forecast personnel expenses for fiscal year 20X5 using moving averages, weighted moving averages, exponential smoothing, and time series regression. For moving averages and weighted moving averages, use only the data for the past three fiscal years. For weighted moving averages, assign a value of 1 to the data for 20X2, a value of 2 to the data for 20X3, and a value of 3 to the data for 20X4. For exponential smoothing, assume that the last forecast for fiscal year 20X4 was $6,300,000. You decide on the alpha to be used for exponential smoothing. For time series regression, use the data for all four fiscal years. Which forecast will you use? Why                         Moving Averages Fiscal Year                           Expenses          Please login to view the full essay... Essay's Statistics Submitted by: hapikampr Date shared: 08/07/2013 10:35 AM Words: 707 Pages: 3 20X2                                     $ 5,500,000           ......

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... Economic Forecasting Ladrika Davis ECO/372 June 29, 2015 Economic Forecasting The assessment of the Historical Economic Data and Economic Forecast Data is predicted through primary sources. Subsequently, the raw data is collected and maintain by government and private agencies as; National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER'S Macro-Historical Database), Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED), and Congressional Budget Office (CBO). In addition, the raw data is use for the purpose of measuring past relationships among variables such as historical data, employment, prices, productivity, population, government budget, and government spending. Thus, resulting in economist anticipating change in some variables; in which will either affect or not affect the future course of the U.S. economy short and long run performance. Primary Sources Therefore, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER'S Macro-Historical Database) was founded in 1920 over the years the NBER's research agenda has varied from a wide variety of issues that confront our economic society. Early research focused on the aggregate economy, examining in detail the business cycle and long-term economic growth. Whereby, its known as private, non-profit, non-partisan research organization's main aim is to promote greater understanding of how the economy works. It disseminates unbiased economic research among public policymakers, business professionals and the......

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... Forecasting Student name Institution Forecasting Explain how forecasting is used in the real world. Provide a specific example from your own line of work, or a line of work that you find particularly interesting For humankind, the estimation of the future is a task that has to be done on a daily basis. The economic world issues the forecasting to assisting in the planning and making accurate decision concerning an economic activity. This is because resources are scarce and therefore they have to spend in the most beneficial way. Besides economic forecasting is used in the daily weather reports to determine what the weather will be. Forecasting also assist in the transport sector to schedule flights based on the said weather forecast. In the investment world, the potential investors rely heavily on the forecast concerning their intended investor form. These forecasts are usually made by the investment experts as well as the government concerning the expected behavior of the stock market as well as the financial markets. The analysis depends on the past performance to help predict the future. This data is carefully analyzed to help project into the future of the business. It is believed that the future and the past share common similarities as the future are heavily dependent on the past. However, for the investors to make accurate decisions, they must have ala the relevant information concerning the firm they are focusing on. The data has to be accurate and......

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...Meghan Corvington February 29. 2016 EC492 Forecasting Prof. Orlowski PROBLEM SET #1 (Due date: February 29, 2016) Use the quarterly data base from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis FRED provided to you in the EViews program to answer the following questions: 1. Choose the real US export of goods and services (REXPGS), real import of goods and services (RIMPGS) and disposable personal income (DPI) variables. View their descriptive statistics. Analyze skewness, kurtosis and volatility (measured by the coefficient of variation) of each of them. Discuss possible economic factors underlying the data asymmetry, kurtosis and relative volatility. In this example, all three variables are left skewed, while kurtosis is between 1.99 and 2.29 for each of the three variables. I measured volatility based on the standard deviation of the three variables. DPI is extremely volatile, while RIMPGS and REXPGS are not as volatile as DPI. It seems as if there is a strong correlation between the amounts of standard deviations compared to the kurtosis. There is a lack of asymmetry between the three variables, as there is no equivalence in various measurements. | |REXPGS |RIMPGS |DPI | | Mean | 747.1115 | 962.0551 | 4682.076 | | Median | 447.5000 | 636.0000 | 3400.400...

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