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Duncan Industries Limited
Duncans Industries Limited tea gardens encompass over 7500 hectares of land spread over the Dooars, Terai and Darjeeling regions of North Bengal. The average garden yields are almost 50% more than the All India average. This high achievement level has been made possible by the Division consistently improving the productivity of land, manpower and equipment in an integrated manner.
The high yields obtained by the Group in its tea estates have been possible through careful husbandry of its tea areas. The Company’s own in-house research and development has helped achieve optimal use of nutrients and fertilizers. Uprooting/replanting and rejuvenation of tea areas are carried out regularly, and planting is done with high yielding clones which have been propagated in the Company’s own nurseries.

The Company is proud of its Quality Systems, which ensures production of superior quality teas, which are delivered to the consumer. The two prestigious gardens in Darjeeling, Marybong, and Runglee Rungliot , have very successfully implemented Quality Systems in line with ISO 9002 standards. They have been awarded the ISO 9002 Certification from Det Norske Veritas(DNV).
On environmental conservation, The Group gardens plant over 2,00,000 trees every year to help improve the micro climate of the area.
Tea Brands:
Duncan Tea Ltd. has various brands mainly under 2 categories:
1] Darjeeling Tea - Runglee Rungliot

2] CTC Tea - Shakti - Double Diamond - No. 1 - Sargam

Market Segmentation:

Geographic Segmentation:

Runglee Rungliot- This brand (100% Darjeeling) enjoys a pride of place in the markets of Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai with its band-wagon of brand loyalists, and is currently spreading its base all over the country.

Double Diamond - While it has a national presence, its strongholds are Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and…...

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