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The Dodge Caravan Kids Program is a joint effort between participating amateur hockey associations and
Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram retailers that provides $500 in funding and access to exclusive hockey benefits to novice-level hockey teams across Canada.
The goal of the Dodge Caravan Kids Program is to help enrich the game of hockey for participating coaches, players and their families and represents one of Chrysler Canada’s key community efforts.


Canadian Novice hockey teams (NOTE: Atom Division teams are ONLY eligible in Atlantic Canada) and associations located within 150 kilometres of a Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram retailer. Visit to locate your closest retailer. o Exemptions can be made upon request (i.e. rural areas where car dealerships are not local)
Teams and associations are eligible to participate regardless of other corporate sponsorships they may have, unless those partnerships are with a competing automaker or their associated retailer.

Each team/association enrolled in the Dodge Caravan Kids Program will receive:
 $500 in funding. Please contact your local Branch/Association for further information on funding policies.  The opportunity to enter the Dodge Caravan Kids Photo Contest to win up to $500 in extra funding.
 The opportunity to submit your Dodge Caravan Kids team to be featured on TV in National broadcast.
More information will be provided in your Dodge Caravan Kids Team Packages and Coach’s Letter once you have registered for the program.
 The opportunity to win a 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan and $5,000 for your local Branch / Association.

In order to process your request, your team/association must FULLY complete…...

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