Do Managers over Manage Workers?

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Do modern organisations over manage workers?
Organisations manage their workers in various ways in order to gain maximum productivity.
The way they achieve this is questionable, do they over manage their workers to get there? Research shows the classical theory of management started in the 20th century and is still present in the modern workplace. The main aspect carried on, retaining control over the worker such as micromanagement, where severe negative effects can be seen. Organisations are still demonstrating certain techniques that are not relevant in the modern workplace, resulting in an over managed worker.

The classical theorists of the 20th Century’s approaches to management are still reflected in today’s organisations. The theory of bureaucracy, developed by Weber (1949), was one of the most influential Classical Theories that we still implement in modern organisations. A short video by Simonton (Problem in today’s Workplace- Do you have it too? 2012) states that the problem with today’s workplace is too many Managers are employing bureaucratic styles, causing workers to be disengaged from their job. Bureaucracy exhibits a very structured system with clearly defined hierarchy, the relationship between manager and worker remaining separate with the needs of the employee disregarded. Their inflexibility & controlling manor discourages workers to engage in human relations and the society of the workplace, resulting in demotivation and low performance. When this occurs, Managers will notice lack of productivity and start monitoring workers closely. In today’s society this approach does not work and will only stop organizations from succeeding.
Severe, negative effects can be seen from micromanagement which has become common in today’s workplace. Micromanagers don’t trust their employees and won’t recognise they are more than capable of completing…...

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