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Democratic National Convention

By Antionette Bullock

American Government


September 6, 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama speech spoke to me. Her speech was inspirational and put smiles on thousands of people faces, in fact that’s one reason why I choose her speech. Her speech touched many grounds and she also did not criticized other opponents running for President.
Michelle Obama explains how she loves the American spirit and how she experienced so many things since Obama became president. She discussed how people in America work together to help others that were in natural disasters, the teachers that worked with no pay in a school system that went bankrupted, and how the soldiers fight for the country. That’s what America is all about, working together.
“I give my eyes 100 times again to have a chance to do what I have done and what I still can do”, Michelle quoted this from a soldier who lost his eyes due to a bombing in Afghanistan and the quote basically proves that although bad things happen in life that you got to keep on moving forward . She explains how bless we are as a whole to live in American, the land of opportunity.
Michelle talks about the similarities that her and President Obama had as a child. Both of them grew up without luxury items but they had the greatest gift ever, unconditional love. They both believe that many people do not start with much but you can build a stronger groundso you can be able to provide and support yourselves and also kids, if you have any. She believes that the truth matters and that there should be no short cuts in life and that everyone should value other people help and effort and everyone should be treated with respect.
Michelle touched on many issues such as, she strongly believes that things should not be done the political way; things…...

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