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Diversified Jute Product: EFG Bag

Environment Friendly Garbage Bag (EFG Bag)
EFG Bag is a lowest cost one time use jute bag for transporting garbage to the designated place of City Corporations/ Pourshavas by the household garbage collectors/ large scale garbage generators.

Application of EFG Bag:

Garbage disposal system of Dhaka city is very special due to mainly high rise building and the systems of City Corporations garbage collection systems. In Dhaka city, community based organizations, NGOs, small business entrepreneurs are involved in collecting household garbage from door to door with a open van. After collecting household garbage these micro-enterprise desegregate the garbage into two: biodegradable and recyclable. After that they keep the garbage in the designated place of the City Corporation open for collecting Corporations Cleanliness worker to be collected by their open/ closed truck. Besides, some micro-enterprises dump garbage directly at the garbage disposal place and collect money from the City Corporation. Moreover, City Corporation has also a plan to establish an incineration plant through using biodegradable garbage collected in this way.

In this above perspective, the number of enterprises/ business entity involved is known by the City Corporation. So, it is possible to introduce EFG Bag to them and implement the decision of using EFG Bag for keeping the garbage at the designated place by them. Besides these organizations, big supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, offices also dump garbage in open place designated by the Corporation. City Corporation can also introduce EFG Bag to them to be used it in their garbage disposal system.

Thus City Corporation has a role as a catalyst in using EFG Bag. BJMC needs to know the amount of demand of such bags as well production possibility at the lowest cost.

Jute goods are mainly export…...

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