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Disruptive Business Model
The word Disruptive is used when referring to surprising new entrants into an industry, new competitors with new technology and sudden competition coming from unlikely sources. It means in business and technology, that sudden changes occur to improve the product or service in different ways that the market does not expect. There are many companies which used to follow the old stream method for their business strategy, but if we have a look in recent years we can see that the companies those who comes along with new innovation and technology with a new ‘disruptive’ business plan, was able to make a disruption in the industry and was able to capture the market share from its competitors. There is also a correlation between disruptive business and disruptive innovation .It is often said that ‘innovation has something to do about being positively different from competitors’. It is about being different in a way customers love. Especially it works better in either ways when the economy is static or mild, or the market share is already captured –companies should find a different business model to disrupt the market in order to sustain or gain market share.
For example –Southwest Airlines introduced LCC (low cost carrier) model which includes: * Flying one model of plane rather than several * A point to point route structure rather than having several stop over * One class of service rather than many * No meals, no assigned seating.
Their approach was both profitable and reduce their costs as LCC carriers typically use only one type of plane and the crews are more interchangeable which keeps their landing fees low and helps to optimize their use of its aircraft. As a result Southwest operating innovations saves its money, and its competitors had to compromise the value of their own service offerings. This disruptive strategy…...

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