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Discussion Board Forum 1
Adrian R. Castaneda
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BUSI 620 Global Economic Environment
Dr. Virgil Mensah-Dartey
October 24, 2013

Question 3 Unethical behavior and unlawful behavior are different in a sense that unethical behavior violates integrity, while unlawful behavior violates established laws. When discussing unethical behavior in the business context, one should consider the overall focus of a business; maximize profits for shareholders and owners. The way a business operates to make money can be treated as ethical or unethical. An unethical type of practice in the business world can consist of a business that is determined to make a profit without considering the morale and comfort of their employees (Svensson & Wood, 2008). By failing to have happy employees in your business and over working them to make a profit can cause an ethical dilemma as the employee can see this type of business operation as a way of prioritizing profit over the employee morale. According to Thomas, Schermerhorn & Dienhart (2004) unlawful behavior is actions that breaks established laws or rules that control business practices. This type of behavior can be easier detected over unethical behavior because by violating unlawful behavior, the individual or individuals are violating written laws. For example, giving away insider trading information on a new medicine is a type of unlawful behavior in the business context. Businesses have written guidelines on what is allowed and what is not permissible. Even with these codes, the possibility of unlawful behavior is always existent.
Question 5 Milton Friedman brings a valid point when stating that, “Business has only one social responsibility- to make profits (as long as it stays within the legal and moral rules of the game established by society)”. Friedman is correct in a sense that…...

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