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CIS 101


C. Minor – SP 13
IAI – BUS 902
3 cr. (2-2)

This course provides an overview of the computing field and its typical applications.
Key terminology and components of computer hardware, application software, and system software (including operating systems) are covered along with the development and management of information systems. Other topics include computer career opportunities, various networks (including the Internet), and World Wide Web technologies. This course also provides students with training in the use of business productivity software, including word processing, database management, spreadsheet, and presentation graphics along with web browser software.
At the completion of the course, the student will be able to:

Recognize the importance of computer literacy.
Utilize computers and the Internet effectively and understand the issues associated with their use.
Describe the capabilities of today’s computers and explain how various hardware components work.
Explain the different software categories and what each can do.
Identify various computer files and describe how to keep them organized and protected. Compare the characteristics of various networks.
Describe the technologies that power the Web.
Outline the development of today’s computer technology.
Identify computer professional career opportunities.
Describe how information systems enhance organizational activities and how information systems are developed, implemented, and maintained.
Explain the basics of computer programming.
Compare the capabilities of large-scale computing systems to personal computers. Access and display Web pages using Web browser software.…...

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