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Accident Prevention and Safety Promotion for Parents and Caregivers of Infant
I interviewed a family friend. This African American family consists of two children. One infant age 8 months, and other age 4 years old. The mother is Active Duty Navy, and father is Car Mechanic. Both parents have attended at least 2 years of college. Everyone in the family has Asthma. Parents diagnosed as teen-agers, and children infancy stages. Everyone in the household has asthma medication to take. Parents have “relief inhalers”, Albuterol. This kids have daily medication, Singulair, and rescue inhalers. They’re from New York, but, currently live in Virginia. Virginia is one of the highest states with respiratory infections/diseased populations.
When parents viewed pamphlet, they were able to see right away the message of the educational pamphlet. They understood it focused around asthma, interventions and pollution. The dangers of household mold, sitting water, and smoke. They liked the interventions. Some ideas they had never thought of, like, when it rains outside keep windows closed. Any moisture can cause irritation and mucous production. Also, didn’t know there was a web site you can download to your phone to check for air quality. They particularly found that to be a great resource. Being she/mother travels a lot with the Navy.
I enjoyed doing this project. I was worried when it was reviewed by my friends. Then, as we were talking, and I was listening, I thought,” You are so critical of yourself, Val. They like it.” They couldn’t find anything they would change. I think the education aspect went well. I would have liked to add more statistics. Possibly pathophysiology of asthma and the disease. There wasn’t enough room for that. I also think it was just enough said, and the message was clear. Fun, educational and different assignment. I liked…...

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